3D Imaging

When you come to our office to discuss any treatment, we may need to take X-rays to evaluate the area of interest.  If we are considering dental implants then it is especially important to evaluate the jaw bone where we are considering placing those implants.  Sometimes we can use conventional dental X-rays such as those taken by your general dentist.  For a more detailed evaluation we often require a much more specialized type of X-ray.

icat machine

Cone beam CT scans allow us to look at the jaw bones with 3-D images to precisely measure the area of planned implant placement.  This will let us determine if you are ready for implant surgery now or if you require some reconstruction of the implant site before implant placement.  Cone beam CT also lets us see structures next to the planned area of surgery, such as nerves and adjacent teeth, to help us try to avoid any problems.  Cone beam CT also allows us to image your jaws with less radiation than the CT scanners that are used by hospitals.  

x-ray of teeth

We are able to take any X-rays necessary in our office.  If your dentist has taken X-rays we would be happy to use them however we often need more detailed pictures to plan your treatment.  Our state of the art cone beam CT (iCAT) can provide us with any images necessary in a very quick and comfortable manner.  

x-ray of teeth